Top 10 Best New Pokemon In Pokemon Go (Strongest Gen 2 Pokemon / Highest CP Gen 2 Pokemon)

2018-06-18 14:12
Top 10 Best New Pokemon In Pokemon Go, Strongest Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Highest CP Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, whatever you want to call it Pokemon Go has brought new gen 2 pokemon to pokemon go and with it Comes some really OP Gen 2 pokemon. So Today I am going to be counting down the Top 10 Best/OP/Strongest/Most Powerful New/Gen 2 Pokemon In Pokemon Go. If you guys enjot the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend. People who helped make this video: ChespinJr98: ZeldaWars98: Tony Daddi: Special Thanks To ChespinJr98 for the Thumbnail and Background of the video: Music Provided By Nintendo, Klaus, and Marschawn Howard: Pokemon Go - "Main Title" Pokemon Go - "Encounter" Pokemon Go - "Gym Battle" Pokemon Go - "Gym Prep" Pokemon Go - "Walking Night" Pokemon Go - "Walking" Marschawn Howard - "Team Mystic Theme" Marschawn Howard - "Team Instinct Theme" Marschawn Howard - "Team Valor Theme" Pokemon Sun and Moon - "Kukui Lab Theme" __­_­_­__ Follow Me On Twitter: Add Me On PokéAmino!: PokéAmino User: Eryizo Check out my Channel: ( Feel free to Subscribe =] ) __­_­_­__ [Subscribing?] - Please only subscribe if you enjoy the video(s) and upload(s). [Like?] - Please Only like my video if you genuinely/truthfully "Like" them and if you think it deserves a "Like" also feel free to leave a comment Why or Why not you "Like" the video. - At the end I'm just doing this for fun and I hope you guys as well enjoy my video(s) and in some way help you

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