Smokin' Aces Soundtrack Tracklist Score

2018-06-19 11:08
Smokin' Aces Soundtrack Tracklist (OST Track List) Amazon Digital: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon CD: Source: Movie Style: Original Motion Picture Score Music by Clint Mansell Label: Lakeshore Records Released: July 10, 2007 / November 18, 2016 (Digital), July 10, 2007 (CD) Smokin' Aces Soundtrack Tracklist (Score) 1 Surveillance (I-Spy and the FBI) 2 Yo'te Queiro (Oh Ma Corazon) 3 Smokin' Aces' (It's Buddy's World...) 4 Three for the Roadkill 5 Welcome to Tahoe! 6 Shellshock (Another Day, Another Dollar!) 7 Aftermath (Body Count) 8 Dead Reckoning ------------------------ More info - Subscribe - ------------------------ Soundtrack Tracklist contains a many tracklist for the original soundtracks (OST, Score music) of movies, films and TV series. Here you can find the tracklists for the OST (Original Soundtrack) of old and new movies, popular TV series of different times and countries. If you want to know what kind of audio tracks played in any film, you can write in the comments below the video title of the film, and we will promptly post ittracklist on our channel. ------------------------ Subscribe to the channel Soundtrack Tracklist - Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest - Tumblr - ------------------------ Audiotrack - Silent Partner 'Turnpike' Listen to good music!

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