BEST HARDSTYLE KICK | How to Make a Hardstyle Kick in FL Studio Like a Pro (Tutorial) | Tail ONLY

2018-06-24 05:44
Download my FREE HARDSTYLE SAMPLE PACK: ► NEW Hardstyle Mixing & Mastering course: ► Visit this lesson on my WEBSITE and discover more: ► For those of you who want to SUPPORT my work (thank you!): ► ---------------------------------------- BEST HARDSTYLE KICK | How to Make a Hardstyle Kick in FL Studio Like a Pro (Tutorial) | Tail ONLY In this video you'll learn you how to make a hardstyle kick in FL Studio (stock plugins only). You don't need Logic Pro or any fancy plugins to make this. Be aware: this is only the TAIL part of the kick drum. This means that the kick isn't finished yet. It still needs a fresh low end (sub bass) and a tok (attack or punch). It may also need some extra layering. However, building the tail is often the hardest part. It's basically always the starting place and the biggest challenge. In this video I'll simply show all the effects and settings that creates this hardstyle kick. Use it as important information to build your own. Watch it as many times as you need. You have to practice this... At the end of the video I play around with the tail. I often do this to get a feel for the quality of the tail. If it sounds nice and crunchy on different notes, it's probably a good tail. I also shorten the kick, because it's a little bit too long. That's something you can always do to make it "loop" better. If you found this video to be helpful, I'd really appreciate it if you could hit that LIKE button. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, just leave a COMMENT down below. ---------------------------------------- WANT TO HELP THE CHANNEL GROW? To reach more people, simply share a link or video with one of your friends to introduce them to my work. That would be great! ► SUBSCRIBE: ► WEBSITE: ► HARDSTYLE SAMPLE PACK: ► HARDSTYLE MIXING COURSE: ► SUPPORT: ---------------------------------------- - Hardstyle shortcuts that work - Hardstyle - Rawstyle - EDM - Trance - Old School & Early - Big Room House - Hardcore - Jumpstyle

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