PS2 PS3 Game Controller on Windows 8.1 HOW TO (without motionjoy) Just 9 Steps

2018-06-24 05:47
So my PS2 / PS3 have been working perfectly fine on Windows 7, just plug and play right away. However on Windows 8.1, it install the driver automatically but not registering any input from the controller. After much failed fiddling, a friend advice to look at the driver list prompted me to try out Logitech drivers and I can't believe that it works!!! Well this may work for your Xbox 360 too! or Logitech F710. Let me know in the comment below if this works for you. But if all else failed, get this Wireless controller. Only USD29.99. CHEERS! Royalty free music by Lensko - Titsepoken 2015 [NCS Release]

motioninjoy ps3 controller driver