Memories of murder | Best Korean Thriller | Film Bench | With English Subs

2018-06-22 21:40
Memories of murder is the best Korean thriller. It is know for it's screenplay. Bong joon- ho's masterpiece which is his second film. This a must watch film of all time recommended by Film Bench. Our Previous Video : FB page : Twitter : Film Bench is a channel started by a group of film aspirants or cinephiles. Here in Film Bench we talk about Regional films and International films. Just our opinions are expressed in this channel not much of a review or something. Films are the only thing which connects us and the world around us. We express our view and our opinion if it is not agreeable or not up to the mark please emphasize us. Your comments and views are most welcomed. Contact us at [email protected] We do not own any rights to the footage that have been used. Used only for representation purpose only.

memories of murder eng sub