Rolando Villazón: Pablo Sorzobal - No puede ser (from "La tabernera del puerto")

2018-06-24 05:46
From the documentary "Rolando Villazón - One Night in Berlin" Südwestdeutsche Kammerphilharmonie Konstanz Rollando Villazón - tenor Marco Zambelli - conductor Pablo Sorzobal - No puede ser (from "La tabernera del puerto") Click here to watch the full documentary: "Home is everywhere, this is the important thing for my life, to really try to experience home everywhere, otherwise it would be very sad if I would be suffering because I can not be home. I think opera singers are very happy, because as I say you go back to countries you've been and you stay for a long period of time, so you have the chance to create your own realtionsships with the city, so that's not only a strange place for you or a new place for you but also it keeps these new qualities and these surprising new experience everytime you go but it also has already a history with you and you havae a history with the cities you visit and especially because they are related to important moments of your career. ... your first recording was here, and you meet so many great people and of course, there are moments of nostalgia, moments of loneliness but I think that in every human's life. And I can not complain about the contrary, I embraced those moments because they make the others much more strong."

la tabernera del puerto