Installing an HP Printer with the Windows Print Driver

2018-06-23 13:07
Install your HP printer without any software using the drivers built into the Windows operating system. The Windows drivers provide basic functionality for your printer. Learn more about the Windows built-in print driver on our support site: For other helpful videos go to or More support options for your printer are available at Continue the Conversation: Steps for installing an HP printer with the Windows Print Driver: If connected, disconnect any USB cables. Click the Windows button. Type change device installation settings, then select change device installation settings. Select Yes, do this automatically. Click Save Changes. Connect your printer to the same network as your computer. Follow any instructions to complete the printer installation. Try to print a document. If the document does not printer, click Windows. Type Devices and Printers, and select Devices and Printers. Click Add a printer. Select your printer, then click Next and follow the instructions. Click Finish. This video was produced by HP.

hp 5940 printer driver