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2018-06-24 05:54
1. Online Apply Link 2. Preparation Helping Materials Link NTS Main Website Link Subscribe My Channel Graduate Assessment Test (GAT General 2018-II) What is GAT (General)? 1) How to Apply...? 2) Eligibility Criteria...? 3) Valid/Qualifying Test marks/Criteria for Selection.? 4) what's its benefits/advantages...? 5) After qualifying / pass the test, what will be do.? 6) Any idea about paper break up for Graduates Students.? 7) Which institutes accept GAT(General) test score.? 8) useful test material/ books.? Answer GAT is the abbreviation of graduate assessment test, there are 2 types of GAT ...1-general 2- subject GAT general is for admission in MPhil or MS and for HEC scholarships while GAT subject is the test for admission in PHD eligibility criteria for GAT general is 16 years degree in any subject test consists 100 MCQ'S questions , each question have 1 mark the validity of this test is 2 years 50 marks are necessary for qualifying for admission in MPhil or MS it is necessary to pass GAT general after passing this test you can get HEC scholarship on national and international level. paper pattern is general for all English 50% mathematics and quantitative, analytical reasoning 50% mostly institutes in Pakistan directly attached with HEC so they accepted GAT general guide by dogar unique is the good helping book __________________ The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people. For mathematics and English preparation, you can consult GRE book by Barron's, it guides candidates how to solve math’s questions as well contain vocabulary part, while analytical reasoning questions can be practiced through dogars GAT general guide book. __________________ Fear is the biggest hurdle in journey of success

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