Amazing Free PowerPoint Add-in for Motion Path Animations

2018-07-20 23:15
To get slides to the front animation sequence, visit my blog here: I have PowerPoint 365, and it works there too, for those asking for updated versions. This video shows a super cool animation add-in that I wish I knew about years ago! It lets you copy objects to the end of a motion path, as well as combine motion paths together. Here is a link to download the add-in and see a tutorial for how to install and use it: . Thanks to Shyam Pillai for the add-in and to Tom Kuhlmann for the tutorial! ► Download the sample file (just search for this video): ⚑ SUBSCRIBE: http://Bit.Ly/Spicy-YouTube-Subscribe ► Grab 4 Free Lessons From My Spicy Animations Course ► Get the Slides from My YouTube Tutorials ► Follow me on Twitter (if you want to hear from me more often)! ► For truly mind-blowing PowerPoint hacks and shortcuts, check out this free PowerPoint “speed course” from my friends Taylor and Camille of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training: Royalty Free Music by +++++++++ To learn other Animation and PowerPoint Tricks (and download more FREE slides), see my other posts: Creating Memory Games With Animations - Creating Fireworks With Animations - Creating A Hinge Effect With Animations - Creating A Motion Text Effect - Must Have PowerPoint Animation Tool - Animated Scenes With Vector Graphics - Creating The Falling Snow Effect With Animations - Creating A Moving Background In PowerPoint - Rotating 3D Objects in PowerPoint - 3D Pop-Out Picture Effect in PowerPoint - Creating Blinking Lights For A City Night Scene -

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