Roll Out the Barrel! "Beer Barrel #Polka" by Beetbox Band. 2014 (Rosamunde / Škoda lásky)

2018-06-19 07:39
Roll Out the Barrel /Beer Barrel Polka. By #Polka Dan's Beetbox Band on Cape Cod, MA (USA). 2014 (proper attribution as required by license) Please connect with the Beetbox Band: "Beer Barrel" is the most popular polka song by far, but did you know that it once saved the music industry? Jaromir Vejvoda first wrote the tune we know as "Beer Barrel" as a pop tune for his dad's brass-band near Prague in 1927.  It was published with Czech lyrics as Skoda Laska, "Unrequited Love," and then spread through Europe under different translations. Next, accordion-band leader Will Glahe laid down an instrumental version, with his accordion, lead sax, and a slide-guitar solo, which led a successful German-invasion of the North American pop-charts, selling around a million records and another million copies of sheet-music in the next five years. The up and coming Andrews Sisters covered the song as' "Roll out the Barrel", lacking accordion, but with sisters' group harmonies (swiped from New Orleans' innovative Boswell Sisters) and it was a hit across North America in 1939 during the Depression.  People had stopped buying records for wartime saving after the depression, and you could hear music for free on the radio. But everyone had to hear that song! They pumped their nickels and dimes into the new high-tech jukeboxes across the world, and Roll out the Barrel recharged the music industry. It has been covered hundreds of times since, but never quite the way it is done by Polka Dan's BEETBOX BAND, in a bowling alley with a giant bowling ball chasing pins around town. When the Beetbox Band recorded the song with Jon Evans at Brick Hill Studio on Cape Cod, MA, they didn't know that their odd choice of instruments was actually the same used on the original 1927 version: accordion (Greg Johnson), sax (Clayton March), and guitar (played by Jon Evans), along with the usual bass (also by Greg), piano (Robin Smith-Johnson), drums (David Silver), and Polka Dan fiddling and hollering. The song is one of 13 tracks on the new album "Just Because, Dummy!" (Special thanks to Orleans Bowling Center! and Bruce at for the history.) Basque: Gora ta gora beti Chinese: 啤酒桶波尔卡/啤酒桶波爾卡 Croatian: Rozamunda Czech: Škoda lásky Danish: Hvor er min Kone Dutch: Rats, kuch en bonen Finnish: Tonttujen joulupolkka French: Frida oum Papa German: Rosamunde Hungarian: Sej-haj Rozi Italian: Rosamunda Japanese: ビヤ樽ポルカ Norwegian: Hvor er min kone Polish: Banda or My młodzi, my młodzi, nam bimber nie zaszkodzi.../Szkoda miłości Portuguese (Brazil): Barril de chope Russian: Розамунда Spanish: Polka del Barril, Polca de la Cerveza or Barrilito de Cerveza Swedish: Ut i naturen

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