The Tick Review | Amazon Season 1 | 2016 Series

2018-06-19 07:20
The Tick Review | Amazon Season 1 | 2016 Series The Tick Amazon Review, The Tick Amazon Prime, The Tick Season 1 Review, The Tick Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick, Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror, Alan Tudyk as Dangerboat 3 seasons of The Tick appeared in animated form on Fox kids from 1994 to 96. The character was created in 1986 by Ben Edlund for New England Comics. The series is very similar to the animated series of the 90's. The Tick is a walking talking Riddle who has no clue as to who he really is or where he came from. He actually can't remember a thing from before the series began. The Series follows The Tick and Arthur. In this series, Superheroes have been real for decades. Arthur is an accountant who comes to realize his city is owned by super villains. As he struggles to uncover the conspiracy he falls in league with the strange blue superhero The Tick The Terror has been presumed dead for years, since an incident which killed Arthur's dad. Since then Arthur has suffered from PTSD which causes him a tremdous amount of trouble in his life with an over protective sister who's constantly checking up on him. The Tick takes a high tech moth suit from the villain Ramses the IV. Ramses sends Ms. Lint after the two but she discovers The Terror may have returned. The Terror is played by Jackie Earle Haley who also played Rorsach and Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm street reboot. The Tick Continuously tries to get Arthur to accept his destiny as a superhero. The Tick and Arthur are joined by a homeless man called tin foil hat kevin who says he's homeless but not officeless. which apparently he has an office space. If he looks familiar to you guys, that's because he played Kevin's older brother Buzz in the first 2 Home Alone movies. Other than having to deal with The Terror's return and Ms. Lint, the two heroes also have to deal with a vigilante known as Overkill, who's a masked man that resembles a robo ninja as in the running joke in the series. Overkill is becomes at odds with Arthur and the Tick due to his willingness to kill and his desire to obtain Arthur's tech suit. Overkill kind of seems like a cross between Marvel's The Punisher and Patrick Warburton. Warburton actually portrayed the Tick in the 2001 live action sitcom which was more like a superhero version of Seinfeld. Honestly, the series is pretty good. I wasn't really a fan during the animated run in the 90's but I had seen a few episodes and this new series is pretty much a live action version of that with fowl language and murder. I will say that even though I wasn't a fan of the animated series or the sitcom, this series does capture my interest and I think I'll be catching the rest of the series. If you guys have the chance, I do suggest checking this series out on Amazon Prime. the first 6 episodes are available now with 6 more to be announced. #tick #thetick #netflix #tick2016 #tickreview Comicgeddon Where ALL Geek Culture Collides!

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