Thermaltake New DPS G PC APP 3.0 for Digital PSU

2018-07-19 16:00
The new digital PSU solution DPS G PC APP 3.0, an enhancement to the Smart Power Management (SPM) platform. The DPS G PC APP 3.0 allows users for a more comprehensive PSU/PC monitoring and control through an even more user-friendly interface. It enables individuals to keep eyes on not just their power supply’s current status, such as power consumption and voltage distribution, but also the average wattage/efficiency, total using time/kWh/electricity cost. Furthermore, it gives users access to CPU/VGA/RAM key parameters, RGB fan lighting mode and smart zero fan controls, along with the real-time alerts covering major PSU abnormalities such as fan malfunction or overheating conditions(over 140℉/60℃). Thermaltake DPS G PC APP 3.0 will help you manage and reduce your power consumption. Contribute on slowing global warming today! Learn more: Join the discussion on Thermaltake's Social channels! Tt Community Forums: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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