Amazing Grace Hymn Instrumental with Lyrics played on Clarinet Pipe Organ Piano Kevin Macleod Music

2018-06-23 12:52
Amazing Grace Hymn Instrumental with Lyrics played on an ensemble of Clarinet Pipe Organ and Piano from Kevin Macleod music. "Amazing Grace" is one of the most popular songs in the English speaking world and has become a symbolic African American spiritual. The tune is based on an old Christian hymn published in 1779 with words written by the English poet John Newton (24 July 1725 – 21 December 1807). As a young man Newton was pressed ganged into service with the Royal Navy before transferring onto slave ships. He rose through the ranks and became a slave ship captain. During this time he experienced a spiritual conversion to Christianity, which was ultimately to result in him becoming an ordained evangelical Anglican cleric, served Olney, Buckinghamshire for twenty years, where he wrote a number of hymns, including "Amazing Grace" and "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken". During his conversion he became a leading supporter for the abolitionism of slavery and lived long enough to see Britain's abolition of the African slave trade in 1807. The original lyrics have been adapted over the years – this version comes from the Celebrating Grace Hymnal 587 and has 5 verses – whereas the original has 6. The video image shows a graceful swan with a reflection from still water. Image supplied by The video was edited by Vuetunes. Credits: Work: “Amazing Grace” Musical Category: English Hymn Writer: John Newton This Version: Celebrating Grace Hymnal 587 Performer: Kevin MacLeod Ensemble Attribution: Image: Swan with reflection on still water Image Source: Musical Attribution: Amazing Grace 2011 - Classical Whimsical by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

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