Merricks Garage - Four Link Front End on my K5 Blazer!

2018-07-20 23:24
Got the front link brackets tacked in place on the Blazer frame. Pinion, (caster) wheelbase (rough), ride height (approximate) link length (adjustable) and travel all sort of dialed in. Part of the beauty of the four link system is the adjustability, but getting everything located rough center will give me the most adjustability and tuning options when I burn in all the tacks. Super stoked on this project, @K30Blazer is gonna be a destroyer of worlds! Many thanks to Bilstein, Eaton, Off Road Design, DIY4X and Yukon Gear and Axle for their support! Check them out: Bilstein Suspension - Bilstein Coilovers - Bilstein Bump Stop - Eaton Lockers - Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub 35 - Yukon Gear and Axle - Off Road Design - DIY4X - My Amazon Store: Come find me on instagram: Amsoil for your engine: Facebook:

4 link suspension setup